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Most flights to China are coming in through one of the main airports -Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The international airport Taipei,Taiwan , is also an excellent way to approach the mainland - tickets to Taiwan fluctuate in price just as often as those to Shanghai or Beijing, so there is a chance that if you are having uncertain travel dates, you can find a cheaper fare through this route. The busiest period for the airlines serving China - and therefore also the most expensive periods - becomes the Chinese New Year or the period of the Spring Festival and the year end vacations.

No matter which parts of the world you are traveling from, make it a point to take flights owned by the Chinese if you want to save money. This is because their rates are always on a lower scale in comparison to other airlines. The Cathay Pacific Airlines, an international airline owned by Hong Kong airport, is a good option for those who can access it.

Flights to China for the
North American travelers would mean Air Canada, which will take you to Beijing and Shanghai, or the Northwest Airlines and the United Airlines. If you are traveling from Japan then take the All Nippon Airways, Korean Air and the Asian Airlines. For the British travelers, the British Airways and the Cathay Pacific are good choices as flights to China. From Australia, the China East and Air China will take you from Sydney to Shanghai and Beijing. Of course, there are a number of other ways to come by cheap flights to China. As always, the internet often offers the most competitive discount prices, though many prefer to book through a real live travel agent. There are benefits and drawbacks to both these methods, and it is always advisable to shop around.

Another thing to keep in mind is the existence of a departure tax when you leave the country. Though it has a tendency to change with little warning, it absolutely must be paid, in cash, as you leave China. So make sure you find out how much it is when you land so you don't have to struggle through changing your money one last time as you wait to depart.

Inter-country flights have seen a rise in popularity. Though China has exceptional rail travel options between its larger cities, flights can cut down a lot of travel time, especially if you do not have a lot of time to spend and want to see what each region in China has to offer. Now a ticket from Hong Kong to Beijing is often cheap enough that it can be well worth the time to investigate.

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