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Huangshan in east China's Anhui province is known for its breathtaking views and incredible landscapes; it is one of Chinas best-known scenic areas.

Huangshan is a granite massif consisting of 36 separate peaks, rising above 1,800 m. It covers an area of 1,200 square kilometers (about 470 sq. miles), stretching 40 kilometers (25 miles) from north to south and about 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) from east to west.

Huangshan is famous for its four unique scenes: queer pine trees, shaped rocks, hot springs and sea of clouds. The exquisite scenery varies with the four seasons.

Most spectacular ones are blossoms in spring, waterfalls in summer, forest in fall and snow in winter. The core area covering 154 Square kilometers is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of China's major tourist destinations.

Huangshan is a treasure land of animals and plants. There are more than 3,000 kinds of plants and more than 490 species of wild animals in Huangshan. A number of trees are celebrated on account of their age, grotesque shape or precipitously perched position, including 1,000-year-old specimens of Huangshan pine, maidenhair tree and alpine juniper.

Huangshan's moist climate also facilitates the growing of tea leaves, and the mountain has been named one of China's premier green tea-growing mountains. There are more than 30 kinds of well-known tea brands grown in Huangshan.

Large mammals include rhesus and stump-tailed macaques, Asiatic black bear, wild dog, civet, Chinese ferret-badger, clouded leopard, wild boar, sika deer, and mainland serow.

Huangshan is also known for its stone steps, carved into the side of the mountain, of which there may be more than 60,000 throughout the area. The date at which work on the steps began is unknown, but they have been said to be over 1,500 years old. The steps connect some of the 64 temples that have been constructed on the mountain.

Huangshan has more than 400 famous scenic attractions of which 140 have been developed and opened to tourists.

There are cable cars that tourists can use to ride directly from the base to one of the summits, and an extensive network of foot paths throughout the area, some of which allows visitors to walk all the way up to a summit others so you can walk around once you have got off the cable cars.

Throughout the area there are hotels and guest houses that accommodate overnight visitors. These facilities, often on the top of the mountain are serviced and kept stocked by porters who carry resources up the mountain on foot, hanging their cargo from long poles balanced over their shoulders or backs.

The foot of the mountains is linked by rail and by air to Shanghai, and is also accessible from cities such as Hangzhou and Wuhu. More than 15 million tourists visit the mountain each year.

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