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Travel in Taiwan

In Taiwan you can choose to travel by air, by bus, by railway, by taxi or self-driving.

By Air. There are about 8 domestic airlines serving Taiwan and its islands. All foreign passengers are required to produce their passports before boarding. Domestic flights in Taiwan are safeguarded by strict measures. Flight reservations within Taiwan can be made directly with the airline office or through a travel agent.

By Bus.
Special deluxe express buses provide excursion services to those who would like to explore other major cities in Taiwan. Bookings should be made a day or two in advance. Tickets may be purchased from the bus companies themselves, although most hotels and local travel agencies can make the necessary arrangements for you.

By Taxi. Taxis are excessive in Taiwan. Simply stand at the side of the curb, hail your arms, and a taxi will stop to welcome you within minutes. All taxis use the meter system in calculating the fares. Time and distance are counted to determine the fare. In smaller towns, taxis have their own fixed rates. Some taxi driver may overcharge, seeing that you are not local, so do ask around for the correct rates before getting into a taxi.

By Railway.
A different change from the normal flying or traveling by bus would be to take the train. A vast railroad network connects Taiwan's major cities. The trains are usually packed. Again, seat reservations should be made beforehand. The best way to get train tickets would be to go through a travel agent as getting tickets on your own would be time-consuming and difficult. Three choices of trains are offered: Fu Hsing (FH) - air-conditioned and limited express; Chu Kuang (CK) first class, air-conditioned express; Tsu Chiang (TC) electrical multiple units and air-conditioned.

By Car. Self-driving is not recommended in Taiwan's cities as it is risky and could ruin your day. However, renting a car would be just the thing if you were interested in venturing down-island or along the northern coastline. When renting a car, be sure to pick a renowned car rental company such as Avis, Budget or Hertz. Do ensure that the car is in tip-top condition before renting it. Chauffeur driven limousines are available for those who do not have proper documents to drive a car. Cost varies depending on the type of car you choose.

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